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Infrared Excitation Ink

Infrared excitation ink also named IR ink, infrared luminescent ink. which is the ink to join the corresponding connection with infrared light-emitting materials developed by the special craft anti-counterfeit printing ink.

The appearance is colorless. It can be light by the 980 nm infrared excited,high security,high technical content. Belongs to the first level of anti-counterfeiting technology products.

Product Name Infrared excitation ink - Infrared luminescent ink
Color Variety Red, green, blue three colors,Green works best
Printing way Suitable for any printing (offset printing, UV offset printing, embossed, UV  flexo, screen printing, UV printing, pad printing, intaglio printing ink, painting, seal)
Annexing agent
  1. offset printing:Generally don't have to add fertilizer, such as too thick oil additive offset printing ink, to improve the drying speed can add 0.5 to 1% red dryness oil and white dryness oil;

2、Screen printing:According to the drying requirements use the different solvent :719 quick drying,783 slow dry,800 ultra dry;
3、Screen printing:According to the drying requirements use the different solvent :719 quick drying,783 slow dry,800 ultra dry.

Notes 1、usage:Printing when it is best to use new ink roller, such as using the old ink roller and plate, please send the ink roller and plate clean thoroughly, because the trace amounts of colored ink will affect the ink stealth effect。If you want to achieve better invisibility effect, need to cooperate with the decorative pattern on the printed materials, printing technology and printing quality, design, text, etc.

2、Silk screen printing paper, PVC, ABS, metal, glass, nylon fabric, PET, PP, etc.

3、A type of enhanced, high concentration and high weatherability, can be printed on any substrate effect,Type B is normal, the effective is less than type A,Type C for economical, luminous intensity is poorer than AB, so the printing material requirements is not pervious to light, good whiteness.



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