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Reflective Ink

Reflective screen printing ink(Reflective Ink) have the color of red, yellow, blue, green, white, silver etc. Have the good adhesion and resistance to bending performance for plastic, metal, rubber, wood and all kinds of chemical fiber fabric. This ink is a kind of self dry ink. The refractive index ND≥1.93 . Suggested wire mesh number :about 200 mesh.

reflective ink

Reflective Ink's features:

Made by the high brightness reflective powder and high-quality high-tech resin raw materials. Can prevent the irradiation of ultraviolet light , color fade.And have the strong performance of resistant the strong salt fog, acid and alkali. Easy to painting, durable, fast dry, high strength, high intensity reflective, color lasting etc. This kind of reflective ink can spray, besmear,brush, and dip brush. Convenient and direct to operate The products reach the international product standards as similars, can be comparable to industry car paint .

Application range:

This kind of reflective ink is different from the reflective film now using at the street sides . The reflective film can only be used on the surface which is smooth. Such as the surface of : aluminum alloy, glass, steel pipe . And in addition of the applications above , can also be used for cement concrete, wood such uneven surfaces. Reflective printing is widely used to the in billboards, underground tunnels, guardrail of the bridge, urban elevated pillars,obstacle warning on the road,isolation fence of highway,safety warning pile at country roads fork, the cement wall,license plate number amplification, the fabrics can not touch the high temperature, etc.

Instructions of construction:

1. Shall be completely clean the oily , water stain and dust before construction and printing. And keep the surface is dry .

2. It is best to support use the special glance primerour made by our factory .First,print the primer , after the reflective primer totally dry, then print the reflective ink. If need baking, should should wait until the reflective ink dry,then bake together.

3.Before print the reflective ink,should fully stir the ink.And in case of precipitation and affect the reflective effect ,in the process of construction, should stirring constantly .

4.The coating thickness of reflective ink,in the case of ensure the tinting strength,the reflective effect of the thin and uniform coating is the best, molding for one time. The film can't be too thick, approximately 20 microns. Otherwise the effect not good.

5. This product using the of ketone, xylene, thinner as the thinner. Suggested quantity: finish paint: thinner1: 2 ~ 0.5.

6.When using the screen printing, recommend to use the 80 ~ 120 mesh screen. When using the spray gun (recommended to construction  by  W - 71 type spray gun ), the spray gun should keep 18 ~ 20cm ‘s distance of the working surface . Spray gun angle :45° Pressure control : 0.3 MPa,biggest atomization.

7.After completion of the work ,using the  thinner to clean the spray printing tools.
Paint consumption: it depends on the printing area,  theoretical value of about 15 m2/kg
Package and storage: this product is packaged in a tin container. Packaging specifications are as follows: 1 kg/tank; 5 kg/tank. When storage, should prevent the weathered,and storage in ventilated and the cool shade, forbidden to open the fire.
Note: when spraying the primer of this product should be evenly don't leak.The finish print should be thinner, cannot spay to thick, otherwise will lose the reflective effect.

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