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Laser Mirror-silver Paste Pigment

Laser Mirror-silver Paste pigment, also called light diffractive pigment or rainbow effect paste pigment, is a wetted thin-film flake comprised of 20% aluminum and 80% solvent ( Butyl Glycol and PM ). By controlling the physical dimensions and surface microstructure of the pigment’s flake structure, the pigment generates the appearance of multiple, bright, rainbow-producing prisms moving over a liquid silver color. It changes from a typical metallic appearance in low illumination, to vivid, multi-rainbow effects in direct bright light. The pigment has a pleasing, elegant, and dramatic visual appeal that is unique, durable, and easy to incorporate.

Laser Mirror-silver Paste opens new worlds of design possibilities and adds value and appeal to virtually any product. Coatings containing the pigment enhance the contours of three-dimensional objects and create spectacular visual effects. It is a neutral color that may be used as the sole colorant or combined with other pigments and dyes to create subtle, sophisticated dimensions for products and spaces.

Laser Mirror-silver Paste can be widely used in automotive coatings, industrial coatings, printing (screen, gravure, flexo), plastics, synthetic textiles, packaging, etc.

Laser Mirror-silver Paste Pigment

Two series ( TP , SP ) and four particle size grades of the pigment are available for use.
View the color-shift effect.

TP Series SP Series  Particle size(D50) Appearance
TP4010   10  fine grade
TP4020 SP020 20 standard grade
TP4035 SP035 35 coarse grade
TP4050 SP050 50 more coarse grade

1. Fine grade pigment (D50 average of 10 microns) - creates a diffractive rainbow effect that appears to emanate from the surface in pleasing and subtle tones but with noticeably smoother, softer and more satin-like effects. Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color - fine grade.

2. Standard grade pigment (D50 average of 20 microns) - optimally balances the diffractive rainbow effect with a high level of specular reflection. Bright rainbow prism over liquid  silver color - standard grade.

3.Coarse grade pigment (D50 average of 35 microns, 50 microns) - produces a silver-based color with a diffractive rainbow effect that is more distinct and chromatic with a noticeably coarser and more sparkling appearance. Bright rainbow prism over liquid silver color - coarse grade.



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