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Watermark Ink

What is Watermark Ink?

The prints of the watermark ink have the same effect as watermark paper. Under the sun, we observation can see a clear pattern of the watermark. Because of low-cost, and watermark don’t need dedicated machines to identify, so it is widely used in the printing documents and brochures.

Watermark Ink's Color:White and Black

Operation Guide

White Watermark- Offset Operation Guide

  • 1、Suggest use new ink roller, or use reducer agent to cleanout the ink roller downright.(reducer agent 3-4 branches)
  • 2、In order to make the ink don’t adhibit to machinery, every bisect printing machine must accede quarter wetting powder in water;
  • 3、Such as printing effect is not ideal, can be used in the ink roller hair dryer blowing gently on a minute;
  • 4、This ink will have a slight corrosion on the PS, such as the shutdown after a reboot to replace the PS, the printing more difficult, we must combine printing technology;
  • 5、If the temperature is low not be appropriate to put ink, we can properly add offset watermark expert melody ink.
  • 6、1 kg ink can be printed about 6,000 sheet of paper

Screen-White Watermark

  • 1、Screen-White Watermark needs to add 300-500g solvent when printing ,mixing into aquiform ink.
  • 2、advice : use 420 item screen printing , if dense, add to 30-50 thread.
  • 3、1 kg ink can be printed about 1200 sheet of paper.
  • 4.use 700 impregnant to dilution.
  • 5、Must dry the impregnant for 3-5 hours after printing, or the ink will spread to make the lathework fuzzy.

  • 1、Screen-Black Watermark is printed between two pieces of carbon paper,use 350 item screen printing forme.
  • 2、print on the back of paper if the paper is single-side , use 420 item screen printing forme.
  • 3、so as to approach the effect of watermark paper ,can add to 30-50 thread on the edge of lathework.
  • 4、use 700 impregnant to dilute.
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