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Luminous Self spray paint

1. Product Overview:

Category: Acrylic resin coating
Ingredients: Acrylic synthetic resin, pigment, organic solvent, propolis (DME)
Uses: Suitable for indoor wood, iron, plastic (polystyrene, hard vinyl chloride, ABS, acrylic), foam styrene, paper spray.
Drying time: 15 to 30 minutes in summer, 30 to 60 minutes in winter
Spraying times: Standard spray is 2 times
Spray area: 0.15 ~ 0.20㎡ / 100ml cans (2 spray)
Capacity: 100ml
Color: 5 colors

2. Product Features:

① sprayed on the surface of the dust, oil traces, rust, mildew, etc. to be cleaned in advance. Rust Use the wire brush and sandpaper to remove the rust.
② must be sprayed on the white board, white on the substrate than the spray, then the luminous effect will be greatly affected.
③ need to fully shake the container before use, hear the sound of the mixing ball also need to shake about 30 seconds before they can be sprayed. Spraying process also need to continue to shake stirring.
④ spray, the coated surface and the nozzle to maintain a distance of about 15 ~ 25cm.
⑤ spray coating, can be inconspicuous place to try to spray, observe the color, dry state and the impact of the substrate before the official spray.
⑥ do not spray too thick, spray paint cans and painted surface to maintain parallel movement, each spray a little thinner, more uniform and even spray 2 to 3 times.
⑦ After each spray, you must turn the spray cans to spray the air spray for about 2 seconds, the remaining paint in the catheter discharge, so as not to plug the catheter. After the air spray will also wipe the nozzle clean cover and then put the lid to save for reuse.


① Do not use outside of use. Car, food associated with the place is not suitable for spraying.
② in the sunny weather, better ventilation environment, spraying, humidity is too high when the coating surface is easy to whiten coating.
③ the color of the color and the actual spray out of the color there are some differences.
④ spray area, drying time according to the spraying method, color, spray the number of objects have changed.
⑤ spray out of the color and light different colors.

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