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Reflective Powder

Product introduction:
1. English name: Reflective Powder, glass bead powder, Reflective Glass Beads
2. The reflective powder is made of a kind of glass bead powder material . Can be divided into three types : ND≥1.90 , ND≥1.93 , ND≥2.2 .The specifications can be provide from 100 to 500 mesh . And the colors have silver and white can be choose.
(1) The chemical composition of reflective powder : SiO2, CaO, Na2O, Tio2, Bao, etc
(2) The proportion: 4.2 g/ cm³
(3) Appearance: White: smooth, roundness, transparent glass without impurities
               Gray: silver, bright and smooth without impurities.

glass bead powder

Reflective Powder features:
Reflective material products using the layout of aluminum after the high refractive glass beads as the reflector. It has a strong performance of inverse regression reflection ,can reflect 85% of the light back to the light source directly.The light made by the regression reflection , can make the drivers and workers who working at night with lights ,even under the condition of poor vision ,can also see the pedestrians and target clearly, ensure the security of the both two sides.

Min type:

Product model


particle size




200-800 mesh



Dark grey

200-800 mesh



Lioght grey

200-800 mesh



Reflective Powder principle:

When the light shines over the surface of the beads, due to the high refraction of the beads,it will concentrated on the special reflector of beads focus. Through the transparent ,the reflected make the light reflective back to the light source again .So can see a strong reflected light at the light source . According to the complex optical formula, when the refractive index of the beads above 1.9 ,it will form great effect of return reflecting .The reflective powder is the core element of production the reflective fabric, reflective leather, reflective film, reflective coatings such new luminescence functional composites.So it has characteristic of regression reflective and have a strong reflection effect because of it.

Reflective Powder Application range :

The reflective powder is the core of raw materials of the reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, advertising materials, clothing materials, standards, ran to the field, shoes and hats, bags, sea life-saving supplies such new optical functional composite materials . So it has characteristic of regression reflective and have a strong reflection effect because of it.Without additional power,then can be widely used in the areas such as road, ports, mines, fire and some other fields. As the safety sign, be improved greatly.
Thereflective film can be produced by coating machine, through the silk screen printing can produce the reflective clothing. Can also make the reflective paint.

Operating reference:

1. Backing with glue for one time.
2. Mix with silver powder and glue and print for the second time.
3. Direct printing the reflective powder (without glue). Using the flat pres to press the reflective powder into glue, radius thickness will be ok.

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