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Photochromic Paste

Photochromic Paste(Slurries) are photochromic micro capsules in an aqueous based dispersion form.


Photochromic Paste have been specially designed for use in aqueous based ink systems although their use is not limited to this.

Photochromic Aqueous Slurries are photochromic microcapsules in an aqueous based dispersion form. They are specifically designed for use in aqueous based ink systems although their use is not limited to this. They can be used to formulate aqueous based Flexographic, UV, Screen, Offset, Epoxy, and Gravure ink formulations (for aqueous applications we would recommend using a photochromic slurry). Photochromic aqueous slurries are colorless in their inactivated state and become colored when exposed to an ultraviolet light source. They will respond to natural sunlight as well as artificial sources of 365nm “black light”.

Colors include Red, Yellow, Blue, Green,Orange,Sky Blue, Violet.

Technical Specifications:

Solids: 50% +/- 2%
Particle Size: <7 microns (97%)
PH (dispersion): 5.0~5.5
Shelf Life: 12months

Storage and Handling
Photochromic slurries are more sensitive to the influences of solvents, UV light, pH, Shear and temperature than many other types of pigment. It should be noted that there are differences in
performance of the various colors so that each should be thoroughly tested before commercial application.
Photochromic Slurry have excellent stability when stored away from heat and light. Store below 25oC. Do not allow it to freeze, as this will damage the photochromic capsules. Long-term exposure to UV light will degrade the photochromic capsules ability to change color. A shelf life of 12 months is guaranteed provided that the material is stored in a cool and dark environment. Storage
longer than 12 months is not recommended. Consult product MSDS prior to use.
Photochromic microcapsules are sensitive to adverse environmental
conditions. These are listed below, along with a description
of the nature of the sensitivity, and recommendations with
regards to them.
Photochromic slurries can withstand most standard mixing procedures. Some shear is necessary as the microcapsules agglomerate slightly when in powder form. To disperse the powder
we recommend the use of a three-roll mill. If too much shear energy is used (e.g. bead mills) then the microcapsules can be crushed and the photochromic function destroyed.
Photochromic slurries will degrade from UV exposure over Time. Exact life expectancies depend on the intensity and duration of the UV exposure. Some colors will degrade faster then others.
Do not use UV inhibitors over the photochromic powders as it will interfere with the color change properties.
Some colors may degrade quicker over time when held at elevated temperatures.
Photochromic slurries can be incorporated into many types of no aqueous inks. However, photochromic materials are sensitive to chemical exposure. Care must be taken to avoid the use of polar solvents such as alcohols, acetates, etc. as these can damage the microcapsule walls.
All Applications using any SMAROL products should be thoroughly tested prior to approval for production.

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