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Ultraviolet fluorescent powder,Ultraviolet Pigment (UV Fluorescent Pigment)

Brief introduction:

Inorganic ultraviolet fluorescent powder is also known as UV-induced fluorescent pigment, which is roasted by the combination of trace active agents and metal( zinc and cadmium) sulfide or rare-earth oxides. Under UV light(200-400nm), colorless and light-white pigment will present various visible lights (400~800nm) based on the different amounts of metal and active agents in it. According to the different wavelength of the light stimulated, it can be divided into short-wave UV fluorescence pigment whose wavelength is 254nm and long-wave UV fluorescence pigment whose wavelength is 365nm. Under visible light, products of this series are white or close to transparent. But under lights with different wavelength (254nm, 365nm, 850nm), they will show one or several kinds of fluorescent colors. Our fluorescent pigments can be organic or inorganic, and have afterglow effect. They are colorful and bright. Series of anti-fake UV fluorescent products have various colors such as red, purple, yellow-green, blue, green, yellow, white, blue-green, orange and black. Our anti-fake fluorescent pigment will vary pretty much differently with different combinations of various colors.

  1. A. The fluorescent color is very bright and it has good covering power which avoids adding agent agents.
  2. B. It’s easy to disperse as its particles are small and sphere-shaped, with 98% of them having a diameter of 1-10u.
  3. C. It has good heat resistance with the highest temperature bearable as 600amp#176C, which enables it to be processed in different high temperatures. Besides, it has good solvent resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and high stability.
  4. D. It has no migration and therefore is environmental-friendly.
  5. E. It has no toxicity. Formaldehyde will not spill out when it is being heated. Therefore it can be used to dye toys and food containers.
  6. F. Chromogens will not spill out, therefore it saves cleaning procedures when changing molds in injection machines.


Organic fluorescent Pigment/Powder:

  • A. Its fluorescent color is very bright but it doesn’t have covering power. Its light transmittance us above 90%. It has good solubility and can be dissolved in all kinds of oily solvents. But their solvency is different. So it should be chosen according to different needs in use.
  • B. It belongs to dyes series. Migration should be paid attention to.
  • C. As its weather resistance is poor, other stabilizers should be added in use.
  • D. Heat resistance: the highest temperature bearable is 200amp#176C. So it should be processed below 200amp#176C.

Characteristics of UV-fluorescent pigment

Anti-fake UV fluorescent pigments have good water resistance and temperature endurance. Its chemical property is quite stable. Therefore, it can be used as long as several years and even for decades. It can be added into some transparent or semi-transparent materials such as plastics, coatings, oil, resin, glass and so on. It can be widely used in fields like anti-fake materials, guiding signs and so on. It’s especially applied to the ornaments in entertainment places such as bars and discos, as well as crafts painting. It is featured that in short distance, its light is soft, while in long distance at night, it’s bright and striking. While in use, it can be shaped into dots, lines and planes in different ways. Under UV light, it can stimulate various colorful lights in the shape of dot, line and plane. Another characteristic is that it is energy-saving, environmental-friendly, non-toxic and innocuous. Therefore, it can be safely used in various relevant fields.

Application fields of UV fluorescent pigment

1. It can be used for painting under UV light in entertainment places.
2. It can be used to make anit-fake oil, anti-fake painting and anti-fake coating,
3. It can be used to test product quality.
4. Long-wave fluorescent anti-fake technique is an up-to-date anti-fake technique, widely used in testing fake notes and currencies currently. It has good concealment and its identification instruments are widely available, such as the money detectors usually used in markets and banks . Short-wave anti-fake technique uses specialized machines for identification and therefore has better anti-fake concealment performance. Invisible UV fluorescent pigment will present bright fluorescence under UV light and therefore can be wildly used in anti-fake fields. It is characterized to be highly technical and have good color concealment and so on.  

UVA EXCITED PIGMENT it is reflect colorless, transparent or white color under common light source, however it will change to different colors under ultraviolet radiation. We did have many colors of UVA Excited pigment available like red, bluish violet, greenish yellow, blue, green, yellow, bluish green, orange etc. this kind of pigment can be made into ink and suitable for all kinds of printing method: offset printing, letter set printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing.

UV Fluorescent Pigment


Classification: Organic、long wave(365nm)、short wave(254nm)
Color: Red、Bluish violet、Yellowish green、Blue、Green、Yellow、 Bluish green、Orange
Usage: Dosage Suggstion:Ink is 0.5%~15%,others is 5-10%
Safety: Bland to the skin, Not included in the body's harmful substances, in accordance with safety standards of toys and the food packaging
Appearance: Powders
Parcel Size: 5-10 um
Purity: 100%
Oil absorption: ≤50%
Tinting strength: ≥95
Softening point: 135℃
Heat Resistance &PH value: Highest temperature resistance is 190℃. Excellent on solvent resistance、 acid resistant、alkali-resistant and solution stability
Storage Method: Should be stored in airtight seal, dry and gloom. avoid direct sun
Package: 25kg/drum


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